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What are yours Tips for leveling? 
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Hi everyone,

I'm currently leveling different character, thank to VB.
I have already levelup a warlock to 60 (thanks to voidwalker).

But I face different problem to levelup other class, like warrior, rogue, paladin. There damage and survive are very link to their stuff... How do you stuff theem while grinding? The green stuff found is globaly poor (especially for weapon)...

For classes how require mana (except mage) how do deal with drink? Buy a lot before? It cost a lot compare to grinding profit. So there are not self sufficient in gold...

For the moment, I used profile without vendor. Is it a good solution to use for leveling?
I also used profile propose on the forum, and the experience gain is 2 or 3 time less than in the profile description, is it normal or not?

I think there won't be a global answer, but if someone have some tips for me!
Thank you

Tue Oct 30, 2018 12:49 pm
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I want you to go and level a rogue, by hand without VB, and tell me how difficult it is. It is quite tedious to level a rogue, warrior, etc... Paladin and shaman are the easiest melee classes. Now as far as mana and using a lot of water... Learn to take 100 water/food with you where ever you go.(obviously depending on level a level 8 won't need 100 water but a level 30 will)

Also, your profile does NOT have to eat mana. It does not have to cast every spell on your spell bar that uses mana! Pick and choose what kills quick and is mana efficient. For a priest a good tactic is to only cast Mindblast once or twice during combat and do not cast Shadow Word: Pain unless target is above 15% health.. Things like that go a long long way to saving mana. Tell your bot to only drink if meleepullcount>1 (more than 1 target will be pulled at start of combat).

Tips for melee, eat after every fight or do a wait command to wait for health. It will get better as you advance but lower levels are very tricky. Build your bot around this! Go for stamina gear, spirit gear, etc. Things that will keep your character alive and going.

If your consumption of mana drinks or food is outweighing your profit then you need to find a better grind spot, sell more, or change your profile to not use so much mana. I have never had this problem with VB. Easily at level 26 can walk away with 5g per vendor run, in Ashenvale, just from selling trash items. Make more vendor runs, use website to check for closer vendors around your farming spot.

Using the profile without vendor does make grinding go quicker because you are not worrying about looting and walking back and forth to sell but then again do you have enough gold to buy your spells and any armory that you gave up that might have dropped that you could have used? Best option is to get big bags ASAP and vendor as much as possible - or as much as you need.

Experience gained is all based on how quick your profile can kill a target and continue to kill another. If there is a lot time in between then your exp per hour will be less than others. Also depends on rested exp and not rested. Areas where you are grinding differ also - especially on a different server that might have NPC's placed differently than another.

Sun Nov 04, 2018 1:05 pm
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Few more tips..

If you are a melee class learn to use distance based spells and meleepullcount> command.


Rogue use gun or bow if meleepullcount>1

Warrior use gun or bow if meleepullcount>1

Paladin use Seal then Judgement at distance<10 if meleepullcount>1

Shaman use Lightning Bolt if meleeoullcount>1

You can also use addcount> command..

addcount>1 use a cooldown like Evasion for Rogue or Stone Form for Dwarf.

Your best bet is to play the character by hand and build your bot to do exactly as you do.

Sun Nov 04, 2018 1:55 pm
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These are great tips for botting melee classes!

Tue Nov 06, 2018 6:02 am
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