Q: What are the advantages of the paid version?

A: The paid version has a lot of advantages over the free version. The bot is a lot more efficient in general due to a lot of changes and bug fixes, can loot in the background, supports easily sharable combat profiles, can be remotely controlled, can play a warning sound on whispers and /say of other players and has more options and conditions for the combat profiles and much more. Not to forget: You will always get the newest version as long as your subscription is valid. For a full list of changes since the free version, see the Changelog

Q: What does the paid version cost?

A: As long as there are no special offers the price is at 5€/month or 20€/6 months.

Q: What payment methods are accepted?

A: Currently only PayPal and BitCoin is being accepted.

Q: Is the bot detectable?

A: No, currently there is no known server which detects the bot. Though you can still get banned if other players notice that you are botting and report you.

Q: How do I create profiles?

A: Please see the forum for that matter.

Q: In the paid version, my bot does not move until he gets into combat. Why?

A: Most likely, the bot is trying to cast a spell that you have put on a special character (i.e. - and =). The bot is unable to push those and you need to rebind or avoid those keys.

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